Susan Marx

Artist's Statement

My paintings are conversations between my eyes, my head, my heart, my gut, and the canvas in front of me. I paint abstract work that comes from inside of my head. Nature is my frame of reference. I paint what nature leaves with me and then I turn it into something of my own. I am a painter who loves color and call myself an Abstract Impressionist.

My work is intuitive. I let the process guide me and show me what the work is about. My paintings are an emotional conversation and a constant back and forth between the paint, the canvas, and me. I paint at a furious speed using quick large brushstrokes fueled more by visual sensations rather than an intellectually thought out process.

Leaving blank canvas is intentional to make the color more vibrant - it lets the painting breathe. My paintings form a shape on the canvas within the picture plane, which is something that I find visually exciting. I enjoy the process of putting color next to color and that process is the subject matter of the painting. I title my paintings after I am finished painting, when I need to translate them into words.